Küche All White Kitchen

This Küche German Quality Kitchen was completed in brilliant white[…]

Küche Kitchen in UltraMatt Acrytec White

This recent customer installation was completed using UltraMatt Acrytec White. As the plan and photos below show, the open plan nature of this kitchen keeps the room clutter free and the main food preparation and cooking zones are focused in the U-shape run across the […]

Küche Kitchen Dark Grey Chicago Concrete and Tobacco Pacific Walnut

Küche Kitchens Dark Grey Chicago Concrete and Tobacco Pacific Walnut is a new addition for the 2018 Küche collection and is very much on trend for those looking for urban chic and a mix of textures and finishes that are darker and bolder. The Tobacco Pacific Walnut texture is perfectly balanced and enhanced by the […]

Küche Kitchens in Ultragloss Arctic White

Küche is the leading supplier of German Quality Kitchens and a Hafele Studio Partner and this recent project was completed using the Ultrgloss Acrtic White. Ultragloss Arctic White special charisma to the high-quality materials: Perfectly crafted, lacquered fronts are a […]

Küche Kitchen in Ultragloss Artic White & Dark Grey Chicago Concrete Mix

For this customer kitchen project we installed recently we opted for Küche Ultragloss Artic White to the main base and wall units plus a tall bank of Dark Grey Chicago Concrete all of which has been framed to create a flush, built in feel. A recessed 100mm plinth gives the furniture a floating feel […]