Matt Kitchens – Küche German Quality Kitchens

Matt kitchens are very on-trend and the Küche range of sumptuous tones and rich textures offer a wealth of luxurious styling options to front your new German kitchen.
Matt kitchens from Küche offer a new dimension to your living space. Where high gloss finishes can be overwhelming in a room which has too much natural light by contrast matt kitchen fronts absorb rather than reflect light which can prove highly effective in avoiding glare whilst creating a beautiful yet subtle and understated kitchen look.

Whilst a south facing kitchen is great at maximizing light you should exercise caution in respect of extensive glazing and/or glazed roofing from extensions and conservatories as these attractive glazing options can sometimes trap heat and become uncomfortable when cooking during summer months unless you invest air-con or blinds.

This risk is mostly associated with open plan areas and kitchen extensions that have floor to ceiling light and skylights but this can be greatly reduced or offset entirely if the kitchen layout is devised at the outset in such a manner that the cooking/working zone is set up in the inner/cooler part of the room, whilst the social and dining zone is arranged in the location closest to the windows, and ventilation.

Whilst white tones can prove the best option for south facing room spaces, for this reason you might decide against high gloss white units and opt for a matt kitchen instead.