Handle-less Kitchens – Küche German Quality Kitchens

Handle-less kitchens are well-known with German kitchens. It was the white gloss handle-less kitchen in Germany that started the whole trend off. With Küche there are many door choices to suit all budgets and styling preferences in both gloss, high gloss, and matt finishes with a vast array of colours, all german made.

Handle-less kitchens offer a very chic low and linear profile that is equally at home in small kitchens or ones with a very large footprint.

The true handle-less, with a recess J-handle or the push Tip-On system offer the clean unspoilt lines that typify the german kitchen.

Mechanical opening assistance TIP-ON for doors

TIP-ON makes it possible to design complete kitchen blocks with a continuous front showing only the thin gap between drawers and pull-outs. TIP-ON is available for all unit widths, depths and heights. Even on tall and wide fronts, a large trigger area ensures that the TIP-ON mechanism always opens reliably and with perfect synchronization. And the buffering system lets doors close just as perfectly.

 A great kitchen is a place for living in. Every individual lives differently and has a different hierarchy and wants, feelings, personal wishes and expectations so let us show you our german made Küche kitchens with personality.

Every one of which can be planned to suit the individual in you and to feature bespoke characteristic elements and stylings. Find the kitchen that goes with you and your life.

Küche Kitchens are designed & ordered by our Managing Director Mr.Steve Lanning and made by Häfele Team then shipped to you with precision.

If you know the kitchen you want, or perhaps wish to find out more please feel free to get in touch and speak to one of our design team, or arrange for a FREE HOME DESIGN VISIT.

Kuche Kitchens – German Made